Scheduling a basic initial consultation to measure the space, bounce ideas around, explore materials, color options, as well as pin point some of the "must haves" in each kitchen or bath remodel is easy. When you call or email we can go over which package of time allotment best fits your needs, and then schedule a date and time that work best to show you some of the many options you have with Oregon Remodel Group.   

Once the budget is established on the project, we can really get to work on putting together some packages that meet your needs while staying within your price range. This is where the real fun begins, you will begin to see your ideas come to life through real material and color samples next to some dimensional drawings of the new layout and features to help visualize what can be. 

Once we have a plan to put in motion, Oregon Remodel Group will take care of all the permitting, any needed engineering, and begin ordering materials to begin your project. In contracting, planning is everything. It is standard practice that we will not begin demolition until all materials are either delivered or ready to be picked up as to not leave you inconvenienced longer than necessary during your remodel. Some of our basic cosmetic kitchen and bath remodels can be completed relatively quickly, often as little as ten days from material arrival. When entering into a custom kitchen or bath project, time lines can be longer. In the real world, homes are not built over night nor quality projects carried out, but your comfort and the down time you experience are a top priority to us.