Choosing the materials, colors, and styles that fit your home, tastes, and budget will be the most important part of your project.


All of our kitchen and bath projects show quality, pride of craftsmanship, and are a direct result of passion in our trade. Often, just like when selecting a new vehicle, there are many factors that come in to play when making a sizable investment that you will live with for many years to come. When selecting a new vehicle, it is relatively common knowledge that although the $14,000 choice may provide years of reliability and have cost advantages in the short term, medium to upper priced vehicles will offer features and qualities that may not be found in the lower level selections as well as hold a higher resale value. Be it comfort amenities, a more powerful engine, higher quality materials, etc, there is more often than not, a noticeable difference that you can see and feel. Kitchens and bath investments are really not that much different. 

For our customers that are further along in life or career, have a home in an area that is in a higher pricing tier, or perhaps just feel that a solid investment in a higher end remodel is for them, we proudly offer custom kitchen and bath remodels. In a custom kitchen there are many more options available. When entering into a custom kitchen, it is not uncommon that just like in an automobile purchase, the options and quality of materials you will be surrounded with are going to be of much higher quality and out last the less expensive and more easily accessible. Custom kitchens and baths make a dramatic difference in the feel, functionality, and on occasion even the layout of your home. When choosing a company to walk through an investment like this, it is important to take your time, ask for references, and if possible see a kitchen or two in person that has been done by that company so that you can "test drive" their quality and get to know them on a more personal level. Hopefully you will choose the Oregon Remodel Group for any of your kitchen or bath needs, we look forward to meeting you!


Custom Cabinet Options

The style of cabinetry, wood species, stain or paint, finish, type of door or lack of, trim accessories to compliment all of the above, and of course the function and how it fits into your work space as well as your home are all important factors when considering the many options that can be when it comes to a beautiful set of custom cabinets. 

Back splash, Flooring, and Wall coverings

In a custom kitchen, it is not uncommon to see a full height tile back splash between your counter tops and upper cabinet runs or even a continuation of a counter top material used vertically as a splash. Another look growing in popularity is a metal or sheet good that compliments your hardware or appliances such as hammered copper or stainless steel.

With flooring and wall coverings, you will often be able to achieve some contrast in texture by using a material that is not as smooth or of high gloss as your cabinets and counter tops to help balance the room. Natural tiles, heavier wall textures, wainscoting, or textured wall coverings are common uses in many of our higher end kitchen and bath projects. 

Plumbing and Accessories

From plumbing in an over the stove water spigot to fill pots in place, to a luxury as simple as an air switch flush mounted in your counter top for a garbage disposer, the plumbing world has come a long way as well. A farm or under mount sink option coupled with the right faucet is another area that should never be over looked.  


Counter top selection

Granite, Quartz, concrete, higher end laminates, solid surface, marble, recycled, glass, solid wood.. the possibilities are almost endless. Let us show you what is available, then help narrow down which material aligns best with your needs and over all appearance. When going with a more wild cabinet with rich colors, heavy grain variation, or applied moldings, a more simple counter top pattern is often the best choice to not take from the cabinet. When going with a simple cabinet that may function well, yet lack the excitement of truly being the center point of the kitchen, a more artistic slab of natural granite full of veins or crystal may be a great way to get that contrast that every kitchen needs.

Design Lighting and Electrical

Today, many options exist in the electrical phase of a kitchen. From smaller and more precise can lighting, pendants, under cabinet lights to accent a nice tile back splash or slab granite, some design lighting can even be used under counter tops to create a "glow" in your kitchen. Higher quantities and different styles of receptacles to accommodate more small appliances, usb ports for mobile device charging, and programmable lighting are all things to keep in mind when making a budget.


Appliance Packages

When it comes to appliances, there are many levels of quality and price. Features and layout of items like a refrigerator or cook top can make or break a kitchen just as easily as a poor cabinet layout vs. a layout that is well thought out with flow. We can help guide you through the current brands and styles that will complete your kitchens look and feel while providing the ability to perform that is needed for your household.