Making sure your contractor is licensed, bonded, and insured will protect you both if an issue ever arises

These days, with everyone trying to save a few bucks, Oregon has been experiencing more and more disputes with home owners and contractors or handymen and women who solicit work on your home with out the proper skills, certifications, or insurance coverage. The process of getting set up to be a licensed contractor is not particularly difficult, time consuming, or even expensive as far as starting a business goes, yet when adding things up sometimes costs are cut in the wrong places. When ever considering a new home project or repair, a home owner should ask to see business' or individuals contractors license number. The contractors license number is their registration with the Oregon Construction Contractors Board. This will help not only if their is a dispute that may arise, but also in making sure your selection is a wise one. With out a current bond or insurance policy, a contractors license will be in suspension or inactive status until the Board receives proof of current coverage and deems the individual or company to be in compliance with the regulations set to protect your project and most often, most sacred financial investment, your home.  If as a home owner you choose to go with an unlicensed contractor, you will have no warranty on any work performed on your home and will be left with no other option than a threat or civil court. A residential bond on the other hand, which your contractor needs to pay for and provide use of in case of an "oops" or failed material will be released to you with the help of the Oregon CCB to quickly remedy your issue if the contractor or handy person can not make the situation right themselves. 

Protect your home and your family, check with the Oregon Construction Contractors Board to verify your contractor is some one who has the legal right to be there before you sign anything or give consent for work to begin.